4/3 Royal New South Wales Regiment

200px-Rnswr_badge4th/3rd Battalion, Royal New South Wales Regiment (4/3 RNSWR), is currently based at Sutherland, with sub-units located at Holsworthy, Wollongong and Canberra.

The lineage of 4/3 RNSWR can be traced from the Newtown Volunteer Rifle Corps (1862), Goulburn Volunteer Rifle Corps (1869) and Ashfield Volunteer Reserve Corps (1885). New South Wales soldiers served in the Sudan (1885) and the Boer War (1899-1902).

The 3rd Battalion and the 4th Battalion, 1st Australian Imperial Force (AIF), were raised in 1914 as part of the 1st Brigade of 1st Division for service overseas during the First World War. Both battalions saw service throughout the Gallipoli campaign, and subsequently served with distinction in the France and Belgium from 1916-18.

The 3rd Battalion and the 4th Battalion, 2nd AIF, were raised at Ingleburn in 1939 as a part of the 16th Brigade of the 6th Division for service overseas during the Second World War. Continuing the Anzac tradition and spirit established a generation earlier, both battalions served with distinction in North Africa, Greece, Crete, Syria and New Guinea.

3rd Battalion was re-raised in Canberra in 1948, while 4th Battalion was re-raised from existing Riverina District units in 1957. The restructure of 1960 resulted in 4th Battalion, together with C Company (The Werriwa Company) 3rd Battalion RNSWR, the 34th Battalion (Illawarra Regiment) and the 45th Battalion (St George Regiment), being incorporated into the 3rd Battalion RNSWR. The 3rd Battalion and the 4th Battalion were reformed in 1965 as separate Battalions prior to finally being linked on 26 September 1987 as 4/3 RNSWR.

4/3 RNSWR soldiers of today continue the tradition of serving overseas with distinction, either as individuals or in teams, whether it is in Malaysia, the Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste (East Timor), Afghanistan or in a diverse range of challenging environments.

Bravo Company 4/3 RNSWR is currently located in the Gipps Street, Wollongong, Multi User Depot. Many of our Sub Branch members have served or are currently serving in 4/3 RNSWR.

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